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Lunar's clients are goal-diggers and don't stop until they get what they want - and even then, they keep going. That's what makes them a perfect match for Lunar. The ever-changing digital-world is no place for people who hate change and being mediocre. But, when you allow Lunar to show you the possibilities beyond the realm of print media and the occasional

tweet, you'll find yourself in the company of growth, success, and probably some new people who think your new overhaul is #cool. There's nothing to fear when it comes to trying something new, and luckily Lunar will help you ease into it. Stop wasting time and keeping yourself from greatness. Let's do this. Let's get started and do some cool stuff, together. 


I'm Liv. I started Lunar in September of 2016 after months and months of telling myself to turn my passion into a business. By day I am a Marketing Specialist for a company in Fishers, and by night I'm a persistent, hardworking freelancer who enjoys Adobe Illustrator with a side of wine. I absolutely love what I do and the people that I get to work with. After graduating from The Kelley School of Business in 2016, I was inspired by my mentors and professors to follow my passions and to never let the word "no" stop me. So, here I am.



When I'm not designing super cool logos and websites or working with even cooler people, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, my fiancé and our puppy. I love traveling, hiking, wine, watching the Cubs, and most importantly pizza (cheese only). I'm a people person and love pouring my heart into the things that I love like designing, social media, and animal rescue - just to name a few.