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The world of social media is always changing, and that also means the world of influencing is, too. With all of our social channels already overly saturated, how can you manage to stand out and continue to grow your following and make meaningful brand partnerships and land your dream sponsorships? That's easy! By working with me. We're work together to optimize, strategize, plan, and execute. You'll be growing your following with engaged followers in no time. So what are you waiting for?!

    + Custom designed website with standard pages (home, about, services, contact, blog, gallery) and additional pages if needed + Coming Soon page (if needed) + 1 hour in-person or virtual training
    + 2 x rounds of refinement + 24/7 support through website host + Mobile optimized design + Social media integration (if applicable) + Connecting the domain and setup for launch + 3rd party tool integration (html or rss feed options)
    + Website & Branding Option - (save $300!) + Online Shop Setup - (up to 15 products) + Add a Page - add any standard, non-commerce page outside of what's included
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